Cooking is not fashion, cooking is culture

Carlo Cracco, the “pioneer” chef,
heir to Gualtiero Marchesi

Carlo Cracco is an Italian chef and TV personality. He is considered a leader of the new generation of Italian chefs and a real pioneer for his unique and innovative style in reworking traditional recipes. His elegant and often playful style has earned him recognition among the greatest chefs in the world.

A marked destiny, given that Cracco personally witnessed the emergence of modern Italian cuisine following the example of his great mentor, Gualtiero Marchesi. Thanks to his enormous popularity, today he is able to convey this heritage to millions of fans.

Carlo recommends:
the unusual combination of
Mortadella and Cherries

Carlo’s cuisine is a technical, essential, meticulous, delicate and original cuisine. It is instinct, but not entirely. It always starts with a sensation, with an ingredient that has struck you. And then we experiment, respecting the raw material.

Carlo is a perfect Ambassador of “LET’S EAT-European Authentic Taste” because he knows how to grasp the genuineness and tradition of European products and reinvents them in an innovative way, at the same time enhancing their taste and nutritional characteristics.