In the spirit of nature I find myself

Matteo Eydallin
the ski mountaineer poet of the peaks

Matteo Eydallin, is a ski mountaineering champion. He is an indestructible and determined athlete as much as a modest and simple person, known in his field with the nickname “STEPPEN” which calls to mind the steppe dog. He was born in the mountains, in Sauze d’Oulx, where he still lives, and started skiing at the age of four.

Matteo is a poet of the peaks, one of those who love fatigue and unspoiled nature more than the spotlights and fashions of the moment. In 2021 Matteo crowned his extraordinary career by becoming individual World Champion.

Matteo's favourite products:
Pancetta and Apple

If he has to choose between a safe route and an off-piste route, he has no doubts. He is an elite athlete who knows how to win races by fighting on every metre of descent after hours of war in the mountains. He has the strongest emotions and the greatest satisfactions when the challenges are against nature and not against the clock.

Matteo perfectly represents the mood of the campaign, with the aim of highlighting the characteristics of commitment, authenticity and energy. He also emphasizes how important the role of nature and the territory is in preserving the world we want to live in.