Release the energy and talent you have inside

Paola Fraschini
a butterfly on roller skates

Life and practicing sport are inseparable for Paola. Since birth she has grown up in the discipline and dedication that only sports can give, all seasoned with immense passion. An artistic and sporting career that has led her to achieve extremely high level titles, including being Italian and World Champion from 2009 to 2014 in solo dance.

Today she is also a mental coach because she wants to give others the experience and practical tools that she has internalized with sacrifice. Sport and art are a healthy way to reach a full state of awareness.

Paola suggests:
try pairing cooked Ham with Peaches

Paola has combined an artistic and sporting path that has allowed her to reach the highest levels of qualification and has convinced her that practicing sport, in all its many facets, is the most effective way for everyone to successfully undertake a personal growth path.

Mind and body cannot be separated and you need to be ready to question yourself and work on yourself with a lot of patience. Embody the values of joy, energy, balance. She loves to eat well and – like any sports professional – she pays close attention to her diet, to gain strength without sacrificing lightness.