I now have more skills to build a unique experience

Tanya Gervasi, multitasking woman
who cultivates herself

Tanya Gervasi defines herself as “a personal chef, nanny, coach and model”. The common denominator is a Cultivation of the Self and the Home. She has been a highly successful international model for 20 years, living and working in London, Milan and New York.

Always in the making, she graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences and subsequently trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a wellness coach and in 2020 she enrolled in the British College of Journalism.

Tanya recommends:
the combination of Salami and Kiwi

Tanya is a perfect Ambassador for the project because she is versatile, has a deep knowledge of gastronomy and nutrition and how important diet is for a healthy life. She is international, cosmopolitan and contemporary, with excellent communication skills: a perfect supporter of quality European food and with a unique tradition.

She strongly believes in sustainability and in the ethical choices that she personally promotes as an activist, convinced that change in the world is made through many tangible changes in homes, communities and cities.