Coppa or Capocollo

The coppa is a typical product of the Parma and Piacenza area but it is also prepared in other parts of Italy and marketed under different names: in Southern Italy it is often called capocollo and is obtained with slightly different procedures, but it is still the same product.

While the Coppa Piacentina and the Capocollo of Calabria received the European PDO mark, the Coppa from Parma obtained the PGI mark.

It is prepared using the muscles of the hog’s neck, with a production process in many ways similar to that of prosciutto crudo (raw ham).

The coppa is cylindrical, pointed at the ends, firm, compact but not elastic. Inside, this deli meat product has a red colour interspersed with pinkish white.

It has a sweet and characteristic aroma, while the taste is delicate and refined as it matures.

  • Recommended fruit pairing: Peach