The pancetta is obtained from the belly of the pig and its shape, once finished its processing, changes according to the variety. For instance, it is square in the case of the pancetta “tesa” (tense), which can be with or without rind, spicy, classic or smoked.

The pancetta “arrotolata” (rolled), the “magretta” and the one “coppata” are different in shape and they are so called because obtained by rolling the part of the bacon together around a coppa.

Pancetta Piacentina and Calabria have received the European PDO mark.

The pancetta slices are pinkish white, tending to red in the leanest pancetta. The scent is delicate and can vary depending on the spices used, such as pepper and cloves, while pancettas from the central-southern regions of Italy are often flavoured with chili pepper, garlic and fennel seeds.

  • Recommended fruit pairing: Kiwi